Where can I find an NBA bargain???

Well, All-Star Weekend has officially past and it’s time to look ahead to the NBA playoff stretch.  Need some advice going into the NBA playoff stretch for your Daily Fantasy Leagues?  Well, you’ve come to the right spot and Uncle Dolla will drop some knowledge on where to find a bargain, the players with the best value, and team situations you can capitalize on.


Today’s installment will help you find bargains in the changing NBA fantasy market.  Right now, we’ll discuss what to look for and in the near future I’ll provide you with specific players and teams to be targeted based on this philosophy.  Dig in!



  1. Injuries – First of all, it’s critical you set your lineup as late as possible AND be completely up to date on today’s injuries.  You can’t afford to start anyone who misses a game or someone who is limited by a serious injury.  Second of all, these injuries can provide the BEST value.  When a starter goes down suddenly, that opens the door for a bench player to see increased minutes, stats, and points before his price increases.  By paying attention to this you will be able to find some low cost options that produce like starters.
  2. Trades/Waivers – The trade deadline is upon us and if any key players are dealt it will shake up the stats.  Talented players seeing limited minutes on a crowded roster may blossom after being traded to a depleted team.  Likewise, players stacking numbers daily due to high minutes may see reductions if his team acquires another star…even if it’s at a different position.  After all, there’s only one ball.  For example, when the Mavs sign Amare Stoudemire then look for Tyson Chandler and Dirk Nowitzki’s stats to suffer due to decreased minutes on the floor.  GM’s care about winning, not fantasy points.  So pay attention and react accordingly.
  3. Rookies/Prospects – We’re more than halfway through the NBA season and many teams are virtually eliminated from the playoffs and staring a Lottery ball right in the face…see the Kobe-less LA Lakers.  This will change the player rotation dynamic many times from trying to win now to building for the future.  This means developing young talent.  So look for talented rookies who have been learning slowly off the bench to gain a starter role or at least increased minutes leading to more fantasy points.  Many will begin to see increased minutes over veteran players, either due to a development plan or possibly just because their team is bad and they’re picking up trash minutes late in the game.  Either way, look for these opportunities daily as these rookies will remain on the cheap…for now.
  4. True ContendersWhile rookies can shine on lottery teams, true contenders will value consistent production NOW.  True contending teams will begin to solidify their rotations for the playoff push.  Those in tight races will lean on their stars more now than they did before the break, as they jockey for home court in the playoffs.  Ineffective and inconsistent players will be weeded out at this point.  So unless a rookie has seized the reins by now, expect them to be spectating on the bench while the wily vets are soaking up the stats.  On the negative side, be aware when these teams are matched up against lottery teams.  This leads to a lot of blowouts and that leads to the stars riding the pine in the 4th quarter with the game in hand.  So in these situations, downgrade the stars on the true contender and UPGRADE the stars on the lottery team with an eye for those upcoming rookies.